20th October 2020
by Clare Davy

Self-care is just what it says – you’re taking care of yourself. It’s doing what you need to do to feel good in every respect including mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each person will find their particular way to give themselves self-care and can be anything from regular exercise, to getting your hair done, or ensuring you have time to read each evening before bed.

Taking care of yourself should not be overlooked. Many benefits result from a self-care routine. If you are not taking care of yourself, it can eventually lead to overwhelming stress, lack of confidence, less productivity at work and even cause deteriorating relationships with family and friends.

To understand self-care, you need to understand yourself first. These questions may help you gain clarity.

  • What are the things I need to do to feel complete?

  • What activities help me relieve stress?

  • Is there anything in my daily schedule that is preventing me from taking care of myself?

  • Am I happy with my exercise routine and am I eating healthy?

The way you answer these questions determines your self-care needs. Once you have defined your needs, all you need to do is to add them to your schedule and do what is necessary to reap the benefits.

Self-care is extremely beneficial for optimal health. Let’s look at a few of the amazing benefits you may experience over time.

Increased Positivity

Adding these activities to your schedule will give you something to look forward to, for example, looking forward to your evening tennis game or catching up with a friend for dinner.

Increased Self-Confidence

Your needs are now a priority, and that is a good thing. Self-confidence will naturally increase because you are simply doing the things that make you feel good.

Improved Immunity

Self-care allows you to give your body a break from stress and anxiety which can lead to a stronger immune system.

Better Relationships

Fulfilling your own needs will help improve your relationships with other people are improved. When you are feeling down about yourself, feeling undervalued, the chances are that’s what you are projecting onto others.

Higher Productivity

All these benefits help improve productivity at work and home. Less stress, higher immunity, and higher self-confidence all contribute to boosting productivity.

Remember, self-care is all about you as an individual. So, what you need to do to take care of yourself won't be the same as your spouse, friends, and family. After you implement this routine, you will notice a significant change in your health and overall well-being.

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