28th April 2020
by Clare Davy

It is not uncommon for us to get fired up about a goal initially but then lose motivation and momentum along the way.

So, if you have lost motivation, how do you get it back?

And how do you maintain momentum?

Plan well and stick to it.  Create a detailed schedule. Work out what resources you require.  And accept that you will need to adjust the plan as you go along.

Consistency.  You cannot gain momentum without consistency.  It is hard at first – to form the habit and get used to it.

One thing.  Just focus on today – one step at a time.  We always have enough fuel for the next step…but find it overwhelming looking too far ahead. People often get fixated on the end goal and overlook those small steps needed to reach their goal.

There will be obstacles.  And many of them.  Your ability to overcome the obstacle is what keeps you on the desired path.  Find the right kind of support that will help you remain accountable, motivated and on track.  And it is your ability to overcome these obstacles that will help you maintain momentum and motivation.

Track your progress. Momentum is fuelled by repetition and completing boring or even tedious tasks. But it is the acceptance of this that will help you build unstoppable momentum.  Tracking your progress will help you see how far you have come.  Find inspiration to give you that added boost needed to stay on track. And celebrate small wins and achievements along the way.

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