1st September 2021
by Clare Davy

For many people, having a sense of purpose in life is an essential and fundamental aim. An increasing amount of research indicates that people who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of everything they do. Further, people who have a strong sense of purpose tend to be more resilient and bounce back from challenging events.

Everyone finds meaning and purpose in their lives through different things, such as:

  • Fostering connections with others
  • Prioritising home and family life
  • Contributing to your local community
  • Enjoying creative expression
  • Living authentically or mindfully
  • Achieving life balance
  • Finding career success

Your sense of purpose throughout your life may change. It is not fixed or static and it can be clarified and strengthened over time. For some people, their sense of purpose may serve as their ‘North Star’ that guides them throughout their lives.

Finding your sense of purpose

The process of finding your purpose requires plenty of self-awareness and self-reflection, seeking feedback from others and seeing where your passions lie.

Here are some ways to discover your purpose:

  1. Practise self-reflection – Make time to reflect on what brings you joy, your hobbies and passions. Journaling is a great way to reflect and discover where your passions lie.
  2. Follow your hobbies – Often, those activities that bring us joy give us a sense of purpose in our lives. Make time for your hobbies!
  3. Create a vision board - Get creative and put together a visual representation of the things you want out of life.
  4. Be curious – Try new things, talk to different people, observe, inquire and take notes!
  5. Who inspires you? Think about someone you admire, look up to or who inspires you. What is it about this person that inspires you? Aspirational figures don’t have to be perfect - focus on the qualities you admire.

Remember, your sense of purpose can change throughout your life. You may also find several things that give you meaning and purpose. Keep pursuing your passions and you will ultimately live a more fulfilling life.


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