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10th August 2022

Anxiety as an Ally

Developing a healthy mindset around anxiety can help us personally and professionally. Join this webinar and learn the science behind how anxiety can help you.


24th August 2022

Self-Care - Part 1: Developing a Self-Care Plan

Learn why it is so important to prioritise self-care.


7th September 2022

Self-Care - Part 2: Understanding Sleep

Sleep greatly impacts our health, wellbeing, and quality of life. 


12th October 2022

Success starts with a C - Part 1: Understanding your Communication Style

Gaining an understanding of your communication style while also understanding the nature of other styles will set you up for success.


26th October 2022

Success starts with a C - Part 2: The Power of Communication

Explores the power of communication across our teams and our business.


9th November 2022

Communication starts with a C - Part 3: Building Strong Relationships

Apply your knowledge of communication and interaction styles to build strong relationships.  

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