22nd July 2020
by HealthyMe Digital

This is a quick exercise you can do at work or at home and a great way to start practising mindfulness. 

It’s a good idea to estimate how long you think this exercise will take you to complete. It is not about how long it will take. Rather, it is more about not being interrupted while you complete it.

  1. Hearing – it helps to close your eyes.  Listen to all the sounds around you.  See how many different sounds you can hear.  Sounds close by or further away, soft and loud sounds, calming and disruptive sounds.
  2. Smell – consider what you can smell.  Can you smell the coffee on your desk? Someone’s perfume? The smell of fresh air?
  3. Taste – you don’t’ have to be eating/drinking anything, but if you have a snack handy, take a nibble or sip of your drink.  Consider the flavours and textures.  If you are not eating, be aware of your tongue in your mouth – what do you notice?
  4. Sight – open your eyes.  Take notice of the shapes and colours in your environment.  What are the differences? The similarities?
  5. Touch – close your eyes again.  Notice where your hands are resting, perhaps on the desk or on your lap.  Feel the fabric of your clothes or the material of your desk.  Pick up an object and really feel it.

Time is up!

Hopefully this exercise gave you an opportunity to remove yourself from the pressure of your day.  The ability to practise being in the present moment is an effective way to manage your mental wellbeing.  

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