13th January 2021
by HealthyMe Digital

Now is a great time to reflect on your New Year’s intention. When thinking about your New Year’s Intention reflect on the following:

  • memories
  • what makes you proud
  • any lessons learned
  • practising gratitude

With busy lives, we rarely take the time to reflect on our successes, opportunities, lessons learned and laughs along the way.

Take a moment to consider ‘out with the old’ and ‘bring on the new’ by completing this exercise:

Out with the old

  • 3 of my favourite memories from last year
  • 1 thing I did last year that I am very proud of
  • 1 hard lesson I learned
  • 3 things I am grateful for
  • My biggest learning opportunity

Bring on the new

  • 3 things I am looking forward to
  • 1 thing I would like to be better at
  • 2 ways I want to help others
  • 2 places I want to visit
  • 3 new things I would like to try

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