16th January 2020
by HealthyMe Digital

Stuck in the same old routine, need some ideas to try something new?

Below is a list of some easy new things you can start today (or this weekend):

  1. Try a new café for your morning coffee or try a different coffee blend

  2. Pick a random Spotify/Google music playlist, with a different genre of music you would normally listen to

  3. Write a letter to a friend and post it

  4. Cook something new for dinner

  5. Go for a bike ride to explore your neighbourhood

  6. Visit your local nature reserve and go for a bush walk

  7. Visit your local farmers market

  8. Try a new form of exercise – yoga, Pilates, swimming

  9. Attend a community event – local school fete or art exhibition at the local gallery

  10. Take a series of photos

  11. Play a board game

  12. Complete a jigsaw puzzle

And always be aware of any limiting thoughts, such as, “I can’t do this” or “I have to get this perfect”. These thoughts do not serve you! Think positive and remember to have fun.

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