30th September 2020
by HealthyMe Digital

Five dogs have a noon appointment at Louise's Puppy Parlour this afternoon. Unfortunately, while trying to wrangle a particularly uncooperative Yorkie into the bathtub, Louise's assistant dropped the appointment book into the water and now Louise can't remember which dog is which.

Please help Louise remember the name and breed of each dog, the colour of their collars and the time they're being picked up.

Here are your clues (answers below)

Dexter and Bernard are the only male dogs who have appointments today. One of them is a dachshund and the other is having his teeth brushed.

The five appointments in order are: the one getting a trim, the one in the red collar, the poodle, Dexter, and the one in the turquoise collar.

Blowing out her long, silky hair takes some time, so the dog getting the blowout will be picked up last.

Either CoCo is the Pekingese and Lucy is getting a mani-pedi, or Prudence is the Pekingese and the dachshund is wearing a purple collar.

Two dogs have a name that begins with the same letter as their breed and two dogs have a name that begins with the same letter as the colour of their collar. 

The schnauzer and the dachshund both have short hair so neither needed a blowout, but one needed a bath after she got into the garbage and the other was the next to last to be picked up.

Lucy is named after Lucille Ball and her collar matches her namesake's signature hair colour.





Prudence, Pekingese, Trim, Pink, 1:00
Lucy, Schnauzer, Bath, Red, 2:00
Bernard, Poodle, Teeth Brushed, Blue, 3:00
Dexter, Dachsund, Mani Pedi, Purple, 3:30
CoCo, Shih Tzu, Blowout, Turquoise, 4:00

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