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Diversity And Inclusion - Starts with Me

In this short clip, Caroline Mills explores how our values influence our behaviours and decisions which can have an impact on the overall inclusiveness of our workplaces. She asks you to understand your own values to become more aware of the impact they have when interacting with others. To view this video plus much more, choose a plan below.

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Energy Hacks for Busy People

Our bodies are driven by what we put in. All of our habits reflect back on us and dramatically change our energy levels each day.

Working From Home
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Balancing a Hybrid Workload

Pick up some tips to help you manage the transition to the office and hybrid working.

Health and Wellbeing
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Exploring Mental Health - The Mental Health Continuum

As our mental health fluctuates over time, it is important to evaluate where we land on the Mental Health Continuum.

Health and Wellbeing
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Exploring Mental Health - Perma

Understanding our wellbeing within the context on the Mental Health Continuum can be a powerful tool for growth. By building a pos...

Health and Wellbeing
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Long Term Strategies to Manage Stress

Discover some strategies to help you manage your response to stress.

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Using the SCARF Model

As if it were a primary need like food or water, our brain seeks to categorise the unknown into either a threat or a reward.

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Neuroplasticity - the Shortcuts our Brain takes

Explore how your everyday intuition can help you complete tasks and solve problems.

Health and Wellbeing
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Strategies to Refocus your Productivity

Interruptions throughout the workday are inevitable, so how do we combat the negative effects interruptions have on our work? Pick...

Health and Wellbeing
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Explore the PERMA + Model, which encompasses the four major factors that contribute to our wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing
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Ensuring Our Goals are Right for Us

Our mind always thrives when a goal is set, even more so when it is something we truly care about.

Health and Wellbeing
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Improving Your Wellbeing Through Boundaries

Effective boundaries can give yourself an incredible opportunity for success before you are even challenged.

Leadership Capabilities
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Mindful Leadership

Discover what mindfulness can do to help leaders build and nurture relationships.

Leadership Capabilities
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Saying No Successfully

Saying no can be hard in the moment, but not as hard as falling behind on your deliverables.

Health and Wellbeing
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Using Fear to our Advantage

Learn how to turn fear from a reaction to a motivator.

Leadership Capabilities
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Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Discover five techniques that you can use to replace your procrastination habits.

Leadership Capabilities
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Understanding Procrastination

Research suggests that 95% of us procrastinate to some degree.

Health and Wellbeing
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Anxiety as an Ally

Even though we traditionally associate feelings like worry or sickness with anxiety, it can present us useful information when we...

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Our Three Brains

Explore the Triune Brain, which describes our brain as having three distinct structures that have emerged as the human species hav...

Health and Wellbeing
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The Power of Pets

Investing our energy into our pets is easily paid back through the benefits to our mental health.

Health and Wellbeing
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Good Mood Foods

Recent research focusing on the relationship between nutrition and overall mental wellbeing has found a strong link. Finding balan...

Organisational Efficiency
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Chronotype Crash Course

Knowing the chronotype of yourself and others around you will help boost your productivity and work to your best ability.

Organisational Efficiency
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Creating Your Elevator Pitch

What does your own elevator pitch look like? Explore five steps you can take to put together your pitch.

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Mirror Neurons

As the world moves towards face-to-face interaction again, explore the function of mirror neurons and why it is important we are a...

Health and Wellbeing
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Quick Tips to Enhance your Workspace at the Office

Here are a few ways to accommodate your work both physically and virtually that you may not have heard or thought of before.

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Addressing a Limiting Mindset

It is up to us to address the thoughts that limit us and process them to remove the limitation or find an opportunity for growth.

Health and Wellbeing
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Establishing Control Over your Wellbeing

The Circles of Control is a popular method that categorises your life into three circles - the circle of control, influence and co...

Health and Wellbeing
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Mindset Shift - The Worry Buster Technique

In this short video, we will show you a simple technique that you can use to instantly remove worry and stress from your current m...

Health and Wellbeing
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The Cycle of Happiness and Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool to obtain happiness and is something we can learn through practise.

Health and Wellbeing
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Five Tips to Improve Your Sleep

We all know that good sleep is critical for our health and wellbeing. With busy lifestyles, it is often the first thing that we sa...

Health and Wellbeing
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Finding Your State of Flow

Learn about the flow state of mind and how we can facilitate deep flow.

Health and Wellbeing
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Enabling Relaxation

Learn about the importance of the vagus nerve and how it can play a big part in your wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing
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Strategies to Manage Digital Fatigue

Explore strategies that will set you up for long-term success and help you overcome digital fatigue.

Health and Wellbeing
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Identifying Digital Fatigue

It is estimated that by 2022, we will be spending almost one-third of our day consuming digital media. This video will explore how...

Health and Wellbeing
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Understanding Stress and Our Response

Stress is the natural response to being under pressure to perform. Everyone responds to stress differently.

Health and Wellbeing
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Five Tips to Protect Your Mental Health

Many of us can get caught up in day-to-day routines and neglect our mental health. Pick up some easy tips to protect your mental h...

Health and Wellbeing
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Your Character Strengths

Identifying our character strengths will help us feel energised in what we do, find meaning in our lives and be our best selves.

Health and Wellbeing
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Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Discover some facts about sleep and how we can ensure we have a great night sleep.

Working From Home
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Ten Tips to Managing your Team's Productivity

Watch this short clip with ten tips to managing your team's productivity.

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Tips for Managing Self-Isolation

Watch this clip on some tips to manage your mental and emotional wellbeing when you are in self-isolation and working from home.

Organisational Efficiency
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Tips for Managing Virtual Meetings

Watch this short clip with some great tips on managing meetings in a virtual workplace.

Happiness is a Skill
Videos (4:23)

Happiness is a Skill

Check out why Happiness is a skill and learn what sorts of actions we can take to support us in learning this skill.

Health and Wellbeing
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Mental Wellbeing - 6 Tips for You

Find out some simple tips and ideas to keep you at your peak with your Mental Wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing
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The Importance of Life-Long Learning

Listen in as Clare Davy...

Health and Wellbeing
Videos (34:18)

The Power of Your Thoughts

Listen in as Linda and Clare discuss the power of your mind and how the nature of your thoughts can greatly impact the quality of...

Health and Wellbeing
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Qi Mindset - Self-Awareness

Watch this short clip to learn about and build your Qi Mindset

Circle of Influence
Videos (2:57)

Circle of Influence

In times like these, we are currently experiencing understanding what you can influence and control.

Happiness is a Skill
Videos (2:48)

Happiness is a Skill - Module 5 - Completing a SWOT Analysis

This short clip prompts you to consider your strengths and weaknesses with a focus on your personal strengths.

Happiness is a Skill
Videos (2:47)

Happiness is a Skill - Module 4 - Making Comparisons

Making comparisons of ourselves against others has a detrimental impact on our overall happiness. Learn some techniques to reduce...

Happiness is a Skill
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Happiness is a Skill - Module 3 - Life Purpose Statement

Watch this short clip to learn how to build your happiness by developing a clear life purpose statement

Happiness is a Skill
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Happiness is a Skill - Module 2 - Your Sense of Purpose

In this short clip, we will explore the steps to help you identify your life purpose

Happiness is a Skill
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Happiness is a Skill - Module 1 - Happiness Being a Skill

In this short clip, Caroline Mills explores the concept that happiness is a skill we can learn. Hear her identify some key strateg...

Adaptive Behaviours

Adaptive Behaviours: Module 6 - Recap

In this video, we will summarise the content we have explored in our Adaptive Behaviours journey

Adaptive Behaviours
Videos (6:17)

Adaptive Behaviours: Module 5 - Adapt & Flex

In this short clip, we will explore success factors during change and overcoming your inner critic.

Adaptive Behaviours
Videos (3:07)

Adaptive Behaviours: Module 4 - The Power of Choice

In this short clip, we will explore how to make the right choices and how to be attentive in the moment.

Adaptive Behaviours
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Adaptive Behaviours: Module 3 - The Mirror Model

This clip explores perception versus reality as well as communicating and building rapport.

Adaptive Behaviours
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Adaptive Behaviours: Module 2 - Magic of the Mind

Watch this short clip and discover the power of our brain, as well as how we can create a healthy mind.

Adaptive Behaviours
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Adaptive Behaviours: Module 1 - Introduction

What is adaptive behaviour? Watch this short clip about being flexible in your work and home life and why this is important.

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