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Guided Meditation to Reach Your Potential

A relaxing meditation focused on supporting you to reach your full potential. Sit back, relax and be guided with positive reinforcement deep relaxation techniques. Learn how to remove obstacles holding you back and embrace becoming the best person that you can be. Members receive 24/7 access to this meditation plus many other audio programs inside.

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Health and Wellbeing
Audio (5:20)

Learning To Say No

Agreeing to help others is great, but only when you have the capacity for it. Manage your workload with these strategies.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (3:26)

Social Intelligence

Listen as Gordan Stokes explores how you can develop social intelligence. 

Organisational Efficiency
Audio (5:48)

10+ Habits to Adopt to Increase Productivity

Listen as Gordan Stokes explores numerous habits to adopt to increase your productivity.

Happiness is a Skill
Audio (2:37)

Scheduling Self-Care in your Daily Routine

Explore the importance of setting aside time for self-care and some ways you can get started.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (7:01)

Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Gordan Stokes explores the meaning of resilience and how to build it in challenging times.

Working From Home
Audio (3:19)

Change Fatigue - Tips to Cope when Change is Constant

Explore some strategies that will help you deal with the constant change we are facing.

Working From Home
Audio (5:06)

Guide for Home-Schooling

Explore some strategies you can use to help balance the roles you have to play throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working From Home
Audio (2:46)

Working From Home - Setting Boundaries between your Work & Personal Life

Pick up some strategies to help set clear boundaries between your work and personal life.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (3:57)

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

With busy lifestyles, sleep is often the first thing that we sacrifice, something that we will catch up on eventually.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (2:32)

Understanding the Impacts of Social Isolation

With many of us now working remotely, social isolation is a problem that organisations will have to actively address.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (3:54)

Managing Grief in COVID-19 Times

Many of us will be feeling any number of different emotions. One that will be common to many is grief.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (2:13)

Mindset during the Pandemic

At times like this, we need to be proactive in dealing with our (worrying) thoughts to help boost our confidence and our optimism.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (4:35)

Five Minute Body Relaxation Meditation

Find just under five minutes to relax your body and remove any stress and tension you may be feeling.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (3:01)

Three Minute Breathing Meditation

Follow this meditation and use your breath to produce a calm feeling at any point during your day.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (2:11)

Two Minute Guided Meditation

Listen to this short guided meditation to help you focus on finding calmness.

Organisational Efficiency
Audio (3:17)

Effective Virtual Meetings

Pick up some strategies you can use to conduct a successful virtual meeting, engaging your fellow colleagues.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (3:01)

How to Lend a Hand to Help Others during this Difficult Time

Discover various ways you can help those most vulnerable in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while keeping safe and healthy.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (2:58)

How to stay on task when Working From Home

Learn some valuable strategies to remain focused and on task while working from home.

Happiness is a Skill
Audio (8:12)

Self-Awareness Podcast - Part 2: Developing the Skill

Listen to this podcast on how you can easily build Self Awareness.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (3:48)

Self-Awareness Podcast - Part 1: Know Thyself

Listen to this podcast on what self-awareness is and why having it is a critical element to being successful in our daily lives.

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (7:00)

Personal Resilience Podcast – Part 2: Four Key Elements

Listen to this 7 minute podcast giving you strategies to build Personal Resilience. We cover four key elements to building resilie...

Health and Wellbeing
Audio (5:36)

Personal Resilience Podcast - Part 1: The Rubber Ball

Listen to this podcast on Personal Resilience. We will introduce the topic of resilience, stress and where resilience comes from.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (3:57)

Introduction to Visualisation

Caroline Mills explains how practicing visualisation techniques can help enhance the different areas of your life by promoting a c...

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (16:50)

Meditation - Serenity

A relaxing mediation that focuses on a serenity. Relax and enjoy, as you guided through this meditation.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (16:32)

Meditation - Higher Power

Alternative relaxation meditation taking you to a place of deep relaxation.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (17:08)

Meditation - Potential

A relaxing mediation that focuses on supporting you to reach your potential. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this medit...

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (15:26)

Meditation - Quiet the Mind

A relaxing meditation that focuses on a quietening the mind. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this meditation.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (17:30)

Meditation - Healing

A relaxing meditation that focuses on a healing mindset. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this meditation.

Relaxation & meditation
Audio (43:32)

Sleep Soundly Audio Program

A meditation program that you can use just before you go to bed each night to help you get to sleep. It contains advanced techniqu...

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Personal Membership Plans

For individuals seeking support across all wellbeing areas. You will gain 24/7 online access to:

  • Live webinars - actively participate in live events as they happen
  • Replayed webinars - access 100’s of previous events in our archive
  • Articles & guides - expert tips, ideas and resources for wellbeing
  • Meditation - guided audio programs for deep relaxation
  • Videos - informative demonstrations across many topics
  • Activities - interactive exercises to improve wellbeing
  • Events - invitation to special members only live events
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For businesses and organisations seeking to create a happy, healthy and productive team via customisable programs.

  • Access to all online media - webinars, videos, guides & audio
  • Weekly modules covering specific wellbeing areas
  • Custom content created specifically for your workforce
  • Increased productivity via a happy healthy and dynamic team
  • Optional support via special in-person workshops & events
  • Customisable programs to meet your specific goals & objectives
  • Weekly analytics reports showing team engagement & activity

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