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General wellbeing

by Clare Davy 28 July 2020

Self-Care Activity Ideas

Listed under the four dimensions of wellbeing are a range of self-care activity ideas specifically relevant to the curre...

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 22 July 2020

Five Senses in Five Minutes

This is a quick exercise you can do at work or at home and a great way to start practising mindfulness. 

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 15 July 2020

Guide to Protecting Yourself & Others against COVID-19

This guide includes some recommendations to help protect yourself and others against COVID-19.

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 9 July 2020

Staycation - 10+ ideas of what you can do to make the most of your time

As restrictions are lifted a little at a time, it is still an excellent time to have a few days off, to indulge in some...

Emotional health

by HealthyMe Digital 30 June 2020

Understanding Empathy

What is empathy? How can we learn to tune into others better and connect on a deeper level?

Emotional health

by Gordan Stokes 24 June 2020

Coping with Change & Uncertainty

With the right approach, we can learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and be prepared for whatever the future brings.

General wellbeing

by Gordan Stokes 10 June 2020

Mindset during the Pandemic

At times like this, we need to be proactive in dealing with our (worrying) thoughts to help boost our confidence and our...

General wellbeing

by Caroline Mills 2 June 2020

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Good quality sleep is as essential to our overall health and optimum functioning as a good quality diet and well-rounded...

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 20 May 2020

3 Breathing Exercises

Here are three breathing techniques that you can progressively work through as you become more practiced in the techniqu...

General wellbeing

by Clare Davy 28 April 2020

Gaining Motivation & Momentum

Need some strategies on how to maintain your motivation and momentum? Read this short article outlining some top tips.

Mental health

by Gordan Stokes 24 April 2020

Setting Boundaries for Social Media & Accessing the News

It is important to monitor and set appropriate boundaries to limit how much social media and news coverage you access.


by Seath Fraser 2 April 2020

Working From Home with Teenage Children

I am already a super organised person, but during times like this with children, you can never be too organised.


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